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God Damn Viruses!!!!

Don’t ask me how but I got a virus on my old tablet and a lot of my things were lost. My Sick of Sarah music is what I’m angry about the most. I can’t believe its all gone all of my music. I now have to buy all the downloads over as well cause the somehow it wasn’t saved to my gmail…I’m angry! I haven’t done any Sick of Sarah art in a long time and when I am really ready and have an awesome idea I have literally nothing to work with. I’ll work all night if I have to. Be expecting new posts by tomorrow.

Love you and bear with me!




I have a new Facebook page dedicated to the art I do for films/TV. Will you come visit it and help me share it please. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=795483390484383

I literally just made a Facebook today that I ctualy plan on keeping. Lol s follow me. Under the name Elaine Kieran.